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John Daly                       

Jewish Speaker
Lecturer on Anti-Semitism

John Daly arrived in Israel in 1997 not as an immigrant but as a refugee, spirited out of the United States in an emergency operation conducted by the Jewish Agency. This was the conclusion of one of the largest Hate Crimes cases in the history of Florida. In 1990 John became a ranking member of a neo-Nazi Skinhead organization.  When they found out that he was Jewish he was attacked and left for dead.  He pressed charges against all of them and was the first person to use Florida's new Hate Crimes Law. Due to his high level in the organization, the police felt that they could not protect him so he lived in hiding yet continued the fight against them. All were sent to prison and once that was accomplished, he moved to Israel. >

You can click here to listen to his full story as told to the Jerusalem Post Radio.

 Arriving in Israel knowing absolutely no Hebrew at all, to university student within the time frame of one year.  Now, a graduate of Bar-Ilan University (, majoring in Sociology with a double minor- Political Science and Judaic Studies.

 Active politically, John has been busy with Likud Youth leadership, local and national elections, the Soldiers' Benevolent Association, World Union of Jewish Students, National Union of Israeli Students and is the only white member of an Ethiopian council that is working to solidify their position in Israeli society. He has set up a network of Argentinean professionals in the South of Israel to try and help them start getting better absorbed into the Land. As well as being elected to the post of Vice President of Bar-Ilanís Ashkelon branch student union, the first immigrant to ever hold a political post of that stature within such a short time frame.

Johnís Amazing Experience with Anti-Semitism

  Due to the far-reaching tentacles of the hate groups that tried to take Johnís life, initially law enforcement was reticent to get involved with his case for fear of their own safety! The Anti Defamation League (ADL) came to the rescue with the prosecutors all being members of Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International (FGBMFI).  When the trials ended they realized that it seemed to be mostly children from good, Christian backgrounds that grew up to be neo-Nazis.  As a result, FGBMFI  began to set up speaking engagements so parents and kids could hear John explain the danger of this type of involvement. He spoke in numerous schools, churches, synagogues and universities as well as other public forums in conjunction with the ADL and various Christian groups.

As John wrestled with his experience it turned into an intense desire to try and understand more about what separated Judaism and Christianity. This led to a devoted study of the Judaic as found within the New Testament.  He felt that if Christians were to know more about their Jewish Messiah then they would be more prone to be pro-Israel and not anti-Semitic.

 Since settling in Israel, John has appeared in all of the major press (English, Russian and Hebrew) as well as lecturing in local high schools, tour groups, visiting American diplomats and government officials. He is very articulate as he shares his story and the plight of the Jewish people around the world with the rise of anti-Semitism.

 John continues to be a bridge between the Jew & the Christian.  He has dedicated his life in an effort to build trust between the two religions that fought to keep him alive.

 To schedule John to speak to your church or group call 1-888-639-8530