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Bette James Laughrun

Connections Director, Tour Leader, Speaker

Early in her Christian life God provided important teaching including types and shadows in the Hebrew Scriptures. Out of these foundations grew a great love for the Jewish people. Over the next several years Bette began to read up on Jewish history and the Holocaust. As the years have passed, she has continued to stay informed and active standing against anti-Semitism and comforting the Jewish people.

In 1984 Bette made her first trip to Israel never having considered the impact of "the Land" until that time. While there, she discovered that Israel is "home" for all those who trust God, not only the Jews. Since that initial trip she has conducted many tours endeavoring each time to impart that same love and understanding to all the members traveling with her.


The Israel and Beyond Tours include: visits to settlement communities in Judea and Samaria (often with overnight visits), special time in Shiloh where the Ark of the Covenant resided for hundreds of years. There is plenty of time for fellowship and discussion with the people and ministries that work to bring Christians and Jews together. Where time allows we visit places like Mt. Gerezim, where the Samaritans reside, Beit-el (BethEl), Old City of Hebron, with special opportunities to learn the past, present and future from sound and light shows in Biblical Israel. Pastors FAM (Familiarization) are also available from time to time for a reduced price.

 Bette has become aware through the years of working with churches that most churches have only a moderate to low interest in Israel. The Holy Spirit has increasingly been giving her vision for ways to wake up the sleeping Church toward Israel, particularly in America

The focus for "Connections" is directed at connecting Israel to the Church. We feel that God has raised Connections up "for such a time as this".

For tour information call 1-888-639-8530. To see a sample itinerary click on  Israel Tours

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